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    Bit domains are managed by the peer-to-peer Namecoin network with no central authority. The system is still at an early stage of development but grows rapidly. Register .bit domains via the namecoin software or use our service.

    • Pay 0.0005 Bitcoin, 5 Namecoin or the equivalent in any crypto-currency per domain & year
    • No crypto-coins? No worries, you can pay with credit card as well ($5/domain & year)
    • Our service works perfectly together with ZeroNet and similar apps
    • We pay all your network costs like registration and update fees
    • Transfer your .bit domains to us and get the first year free
    • Transfer domains & coins in or out at any time for free
    • We automatically keep your domains from expiring
    • You do not need to run any Namecoin software
    • No signup needed (using Google OpenID)
    • Three simple steps:

    Choose your domain:

    Buy and sell domains on the biggest and most active .bit domain trading site! Simply click on the price below to buy domains from users of The domain will immediately be available in your account. Sellers can charge in Bitcoin and/or Namecoin. Put your domains for sale here via the Your Account tab!
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    The authoritative source for .bit domains is the Namecoin blockchain. This means normal DNS servers can not be used and surfing .bit domains remains difficult. Until a better solution is found (which is being worked on) use any of the methods described below to access .bit websites:

    If you are using Google Chrome, we recommend our tiny Chrome browser extension to surf .bit websites without going through a proxy! Add directly to Chrome or read more.

    Our .bit proxy service has ended but there are many other ways to surf .bit sites like NCDNS, Meowbit or any of the methods mentioned on the namecoin wiki.

    Directory of .Bit websites
    You can browse through all the .bit domains with an active website by clicking on the letters below (if you have our Chrome extension or other .bit extension installed). Domains linking to the same IP are grouped together.

Currently 86159 .bit domains and 1441 websites of which 225 are unique

    Please do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear your views and suggestions regarding!

    Note that general questions about Namecoin and the DNS system should be asked at or

    You can also email us directly at

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